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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Full Moon

They said west sided moon is rounder than our country, i do live with a doubt because i never been to west side before. Some more their Hollywood movie & technology are so advance & awesome it makes me feel like i should believe it, if not i will being left out for this modern era. But i rethink over & over again, we are still sharing the same sky, we are standing under the same sun, the matter is just the weather is different, I started to realize what they said was not logical.

Actually we live in a 5 stars country which we got everything, the matter is the human who polluted & destroy the culture, & implement the unhealthy culture which makes our moon is no longer round. our stars are dum now.

For sunlight we got the brightest.
For fruit we are still undefeated.
For local girls they are still very hot due to the hot weather.
For food im still loving it because even U.S mcd have to follow our appetite.
For natural resources are still infinity but i just don't know where everything goes.
For local car we still hebat in proton.
For the tallest building we got sparkling Twin Tower.
For career vise we got all the opportunities even u want to work as a shemale.

Dont tell me other country sang the christmas song louder.
Dont tell me their festival decoration is better.
Dont deny what u are & where u come from, so that no 1 dare to deny u.
Eventually Dont walk away if u know where u belonged.

If u feel that the love is gone, maybe u should be the one to fight back the love which u deserved. Is irresponsible to escape your contry & thing will never goes right. Fight for your country. We can't change the world, we can't change people's country but we can change the culture of our country with the holy vote.

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