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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I was feeling very guilty last Tuesday due to an misunderstanding incident.

Last Tuesday after i went to Sunway pyramid to have some beers, i was very piss off because of the stupid Alive pub in Snway for stopping me to bring in my friend as we had already reserved the table inside, so my mood was really spoiled, I went back home at 2:45am due to waited whole night for my friends to pay me the money but at last i got nothing but emptiness, that is another piss off part.

When i reach home, my sisters told me they are haunted by someone outside the window by keep calling: Hello, Bryan, Bryan. I was feeling very curious because he is calling my brother name at 3am morning. when i heard that i was feeling a bit scary too, then i open up curtain & check what is going on. I saw a guy standing downstairs behind my house, i lost my temper & scolded at him in a very cruelty way because i thought he want to disturb our family. After that i went back to my room & start to think y is he standing there, am i done something wrong. i dont bother whatever gonna happen, i need go out to check out whats going on. then i saw him stand in front of my neighbour's house, my back house neighbourhood. So i asked him whats happened, he told me his car was blocked by my neighbour who is his friends. then i said u should call them or ring the bell till they awake, if not u gonna stand until morning. but after 5 minutes my neighbour woke up, so everything is finally over.

The reason why he is calling bryan is because one of the family member called Ryan, he just try to wake Ryan up, but my sister thought he is calling bryan thats y they were very scare.

The reason why the car is blocked is because he went out with my neighbour-James, but James went home earlier than him after few hours when he get back to take his car, his car was blocked by James' daughter, thats the co incicent & im the 1 to play the lost temper role... really guilt

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