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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Living Bibble Ways in non bibble days.

I just went to a church camp which organised by SIC youth 26th to 28th Nov 2010.

Lets get back to 31st Nov 2010, I went to the Kelana Jaya St Ignatius Church, after the church finished, i walk out of the the church entrance, a young man who is Damian came to ask me, do u interested to join the church camp? which is "revolution youth ministry camp 2010", i replied let me think twice cos Mj always says "do think twice in billie jeans", but when i see the age they required, i was so over age, i used to be a "Youth of Nation" but nowadays im the old wild hogs. actually when Damian come to ask me Yes/No, in my heart i was thinking i got no right to think it is yes or no, cos this is the invitation from King Of God, theres only one button to click which is: "must go" but the age has shown me a red light, but at last i crashed the red light & go ahead on.

1 of the young man(joshua 25) very appreciate me cos i can persuade another 3 peoples to attend this camp , i feel so good & proud of myself HAHA. The youth over there is cute & adorable, they are very friendly & fun, they are good in singing, keyboard & guitar. i even asked them to play a small part of tailor swift, john mayer & Eric clapton. The Camp is not about celebs & gossip; Its all about our faith & some bible sharing & some sex education for the young & adults like me, Actually what Father Danny told us is what i have heard before, but it is right to listen it once again because we may lost if we dont have a guardian to remind us all the time, is not that we are very forgetful, is because the world is too much temptation. Sometimes we are just too much freedom, freedom always make us die, sometimes u see the wild flowers outside the road they can grow freely but whats their ending, their ending is die, cos no 1 there to trim or water them, for those flowers which grow inside the house they may not grow freely but they got a guardian to trim & water them. so for those peoples which are under control, they can live till the end, for those who under control they always make it big. For those who outta control always end up in examples: sex & drugs.

Sometimes we just build a concrete wall between god & us because we are very good in engineering nowadays, we build it & hope that god cant see us, so we can do things against him, but all of this is just a lie to our self & which is harmful to us. Eventually, so we gotta break the concrete wall to get close to our right guardians, the path may hard to follow but it never goes wrong.

Conclusion: this 3 days in this camp make me feel good, cos i have done many good things in this 3 days without doing any bad things, i have broke the spell for 3 days, i feel pearl & white, just like the very original me.

After the Camp we went to Genting Highland to drink starbutt. i was extremely happy for this 3 days camp, i donno why, what i can tell is: i feel love, this 3 days camp left happiness in my heart which money cannot give me.

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